Nia’s Photo Shoot Results

Foreign Service LifeWashington, DC
November 10, 2011

Well, we finally got Nia’s Photo Shoot proofs back.  Actually, they were better than I expected given how uncooperative she was.  You can see all 16 final shots HERE.  Would love to hear which are your favorites.

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  1. Nomads By Nature says:

    Oh, my they are ALL precious!!! Love the basket ones and the fuzzy hat and your first B&W. Too many great shots to choose just one! You would never know she had been fussy that day.

  2. alex says:

    Love the first one!

  3. Daniela says:

    The one with the fuzzy hat is my fave!

  4. Heather says:

    They are wonderful! I really wish we would have done those for our kids. I love it that you have professional pictures of her so small and posed so cute!

  5. Sara Roy says:

    I’m so excited for y’all that you got that many great shots. I think I like the one with the personalized blanket but maybe because I like the personalized blanket so much.

  6. Second from the bottom is my favorite! You gotta have that printed and framed!

  7. bfiles says:

    these are spectacular. the blanket is an amazing idea and i love the hat. beautiful.

  8. Hi Sarah, wow the photos came out gorgeous!!! Just WOW! The four hours were totally worth it for those shots!!! Congratulations on Nia – what a beautiful name for such a beautiful baby!

  9. Ju-Ju and Nena says:

    “great”-aunties Ju-Ju and Nena vote for PS-2 – altho all are cute!! Hope to be in DC soon to provide respite care to Nia’s proud (and weary) parents!!! Love and hugsXOXOXOXO

  10. Sarah Novak says:

    Yay! Keep us posted… We’re eager for your arrival!

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