Nick concedes, “BUNCO Party an Unparalleled Success”

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February 18, 2009


Last night I threw my first 10+ person party in DC.  It was an informal gathering- BYOB, appetizers to share, and BUNCO in the community room at our residence.  Let me tell you though, I got SOOO much flack for doing a Bunco party!  Sample comments included: “That’s only for old ladies”, “How boring”, “Do YOU even know how to play it?”  I stuck to my guns though, sure that the simplistic joy of Bunco would overcome the critics.  And prevail it did!  We had 12 attendees in all and while skeptical at first, once the dice got rolling, there was not a one of them that was going to cut out early.  I’ve never seen such a competitive bunch!  And so it was with immense personal satisfaction that I accepted Nick’s final words of the evening, “That didn’t go nearly as bad as I thought it would.”  And I’m thinking: Well fancy that honey, dare I say, perhaps they even had a good time since they stayed for 2 plus hours???

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