Nostalgic for CSB/SJU

August 25, 2010

I’ve noticed that despite having seasons, my body still senses when changes are supposed to be happening (even when they’re not).  Never is this more true than around the start of school.  I think we’re all hard-wired to reset at this time of year…. and honestly, I like it.  This year, I’m giving myself a little boost by spending my entire month of September back in Minnesota enjoying the changing environment.  Words cannot express how excited I am to get a break from endless summer!

One thing I also notice about this time of year is how much I long to go back to College again.  Although that time was life-changing, on a deeper level I sense that what I’m actually longing for is the transformation that period represented (and the feelings it produced as a result).  Happily, that is something I can create RIGHT NOW in my current conditions, without needing to magically rewind time!

So, in celebration of this first day of classes at CSB/SJU, my invitation to you is to look at your life and see what is longing to be transformed in your current existence!

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  1. Chris Coleman says:

    Love this – love that they used the Dr. Seuss quote that has been on my FB page since the get-go – love that the excitement and celebration could be used for just about any life-changing event – school, marriage, birth, birthday – or just a celebration of life itself. Thanks for sharing. Cherish your time in Minnesota – bet you’ll be going around singing, “Minnesota gurls – we’re unforgettable . . . ” Have fun!! Hugs. Chris

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