Nothing like a little 2 AM scare…

Foreign Service Life
July 5, 2009

Hi folks – Still in the internet cafe, so I apologize, but it’s not a good environment to write in.  Here’s a little highlight from the last 24 hours:

Nick and I are woken up at 2 AM by a shrieking fire alarm in the building.  He peeks out the door and sees mild smoke near the ceiling.  We assume the worst, grab our shoes and the escape bag (who thought we’d need it so soon?) and make our way to the door.  We decide to make a quick call down to the concierge to make sure they know that something is happening.  Here’s how that conversation went:

Sarah: The fire alarm is going off.
Concierge: Yes miss.
Sarah: Is there a fire?
Concierge: No miss.
Sarah: But the alarm is going off and we see smoke.
Concierge: Sorry, miss.  We are just fogging the parking garage.  It sets off the fire alarm.  Do not worry.
Sarah (thinks to herself): SERIOUSLY?  Who does that in the middle of the night with no warning??!  (The smoke we saw was apparently vapors that wafted up through the elevator shaft.)
Concierge: Go back to bed.  Goodnight mum.

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