Nothing wrong with being a little SELF-CENTERED

September 19, 2008

Meet Max Simon, founder of WWW.GETSELFCENTERED.COM.  Max has big plans- namely, to teach a million gen y’ers and millenials to use mindfulness techniques by 2010.  Where did this lofty goal come from??  When Max became the youngest teacher (at age 22) at the Chopra Center for Wellbeing he noticed the lack of young people in his classes.  He came up with the idea of re-packaging meditation to make it cool to a whole new younger generation.

Self-centered is different because it focuses more on the tangible outcomes meditation can offer, such as these listed on its website:

•    GIVE you more energy
•    REMOVE stress
•    IMPROVE decisions
•    CREATE clarity and self-trust
•    INCREASE income
•    INSPIRE authenticity
•    CAUSE attractiveness
•    REWIND the clock on aging
•    PRODUCE health and wellbeing

When Max does his training seminars across the country using “Awareness Architects” to help facilitate the learning, he uses more interactive learning techniques such as games, social interaction and exercises.  He encourages 15 minutes of practice a day and firmly believes that anyone can quiet their mind and see dramatic benefits.

One of the most attention-getting things his group is doing is called a “Public Display of Meditation” where a group of people meet at a park for a debrief and then silently walk to a busy spot in a public setting and sit shoulder to shoulder and meditate for 5-30 minutes.  He believes that it shows that even in the midst of chaos, it’s possible to center one’s self.  Training is only $100 and you can sign up via the web link above.  Yours truly is already considering it- perhaps you’d like to join me??

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