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May 8, 2011

Our Tentative Travel Schedule

I’ve been getting lots of questions about our schedule for the next year from friends and family.  Although we do not have our official orders yet (which means there’s still a small chance things could change), I’m going to go ahead and post this schedule of where you can find us for the next year.

Early June 2011 – Sarah leaves Manila and arrives in Minnesota to visit her family where she stays until early-August

Mid-July 2011 – Nick leaves Manila and arrives in Minnesota where he stays until early-August

August 2011 – Nick and Sarah in Bend, Oregon visiting Nick’s parents

September 2011 – Nick and Sarah move to Washington, DC where they’ll stay for the next 8-9 months

Mid-October 2011 – Baby Novak is born in Washington, DC

December 2011 – Sarah brings Baby Novak to Minnesota to meet friends and family

May 2012 – The Novak Family leaves for Lima, Peru for a 2-year tour  (Baby Novak is 7 months old)

We’ll keep you posted on any changes, but otherwise this is where you can expect to find us for the next year.  We’re big fans of visitors and ‘should’ (fingers crossed) have a 2 BR in DC, so if you’re interested in coming out, please let us know!  That’s it for now, folks…

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  1. Katrina Buetow says:

    Dan and I have ALWAYS wanted to go to Washington DC and have been talking about it for years. We might take you up on having us for a long weekend. We will chat =;)

  2. Sarah Novak says:

    OMG that would make me so happy! Yes, let’s definitely talk…

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