Off to Ontological Coach Training in Hong Kong

October 21, 2009
Photo by Slack12 from Flickr Creative Commons

Photo by Slack12 from Flickr Creative Commons

I’ve been waiting for this day to arrive for a long, long time.  Back in May I was awarded a Fellowship from the State Department to continue my coach training overseas.  I am so impressed by this Fellowship, which provides funds for spouses to enhance their training and development so that they can continue to work overseas (which can be a huge challenge for many people).  I jumped on the opportunity and received a $1500 grant to attend a 3 Day Ontological Coaching Course in Hong Kong run by the Newfield Institute.

I think that Ontological Coaching can best be summed up by this excerpt from the course overview:

“Ontology is the study of being – what it means to be human. Ontological Coaching focuses on our Way of Being, which is a dynamic interrelationship between three areas of human existence – language, emotions and body. Way of Being contains our often deep-seated perceptions and attitudes and is the underlying driver of our behaviour and communication.

Coaching in all three areas of language, emotions and body can generate profound learning, resulting in fundamental shifts, both in self-perception and perception of what is possible in personal and professional life. From an ontological perspective, deep and lasting change requires shifts in language, emotions and body.  An ontological approach to coaching is based on a deeply grounded understanding of human beings, which has emerged from significant breakthroughs in a practical understanding of the power of language and communication.”

Although I am already certified as a Coach, I truly believe that my next area of development is in regards to “Being” because I, like many of you, tend to rely on my head more often than my heart and intuition.  I hope to come away from this class with the tools to help clients access not only their thoughts, but their full range of emotions and intuition as well.  It has the potential to make a very powerful impact on my coaching.  Oh, and did I mention the best part???  I get to be trained by the CREATOR of this methodology, Alan Sieler!!  For those interested, here is some additional information on the COACHING IN ACTION program, which is offered in a variety of locations in Southeast Asia and Australia.

So I’m off for 4 days of learning and exploration in Hong Kong.  Wednesday is my free day to take in the city, which will be followed by 3 days of classes.  I’ll do my best to post updates and pictures if free time permits!  This sponge is ready to soak up as much new wisdom as she can!  Seriously, how is it possible to love going to classes so much?  I LOVE SCHOOL!

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