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Around Manila
July 28, 2009

Movie Theater Manila

Manila Movie Theater

Nick and I visited our first movie theater last week and like most things here, it spoiled us miserably.  A colleague of Nick’s organized a group gathering and rented out a 30 person theater at the Mall of Asia called the Director’s Club.  For a mere $7, each person got their own reclining laz-y-boy chair, a coke and a large popcorn.  Check out the grin on my husband’s face – he informed me afterward that he would never set foot in a “regular” movie theater again.

I wasn’t expecting movies to open here at the same time as in the US, but we have lucked out this far.  Last week we saw Harry Potter and today I’m off to My Sister’s Keeper for $4.  Another thing I like is that concessions are a fraction of the price here.  Just stay away from the salmon-flavored popcorn.  Disgusting!  Sound quality is similar as well, making theater-going another fabulous aspect of Manila life.

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