Photoshop Day 1: Layers, Masks and Brushes, Oh My!

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February 12, 2011

Hi all- please forgive the lack of posts this week.  I have felt like absolute crap and needed to use all my available energy to drag my butt to a 10 hour Photoshop class on Friday and an 8 hour Advanced Photography on Saturday (which I didn’t make it all the way through).  I am loving all the learning, just wish my body would be more cooperative.

For other Manila folks who are interested in design or computer classes, check out De La Salle’s great selection of Continuing Education Classes.  They start the class as soon as they have 6 interested individuals, so enrollment is ongoing throughout the year.  And now, a peek at a few of the skills I learned in Photoshop class this week:

Technique 1: Using Text to Mask a Photo

Technique 2: Repairing Old Photos & Coloring Them

Original Image

After Repair and Color

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