Pixie cuts and Manila…

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July 8, 2009

apparently do not mix.  I ventured into my first salon on Monday to get a much-needed trim.  As I previously mentioned, I already stick out horribly amongst the dark-haired, dark-skinned Filipinos.  What I had failed to notice was that no women have short hair cuts.  The most racy look is a chin-length bob!

And so the story begins…I set off on my adventure to get my hair cut and didn’t have to travel but a few steps into the neighboring shopping mall.  I picked a swanky salon because, why not?  My cut with the Senior Stylist was still only $17!  (Have I mentioned that I’m never leaving here??)  So I’m seated in the chair and the stylist comes over and does a double take when he realizes that I have short hair already and I’m there to get a pixie cut.  He reminded me of a kid in a candy store, ready to go to town on my hair….

But wait!  In the Philippines, the senior stylist cannot be bothered to do anything but cut!  So the assistant was called over to wash my hair and massage my back.  He wrapped my head in a fancy little turban and left me to await the Senior Stylist.  Can I just begin by saying that I’ve never had such a thorough haircut?

So he clipped and razored and shaved and chipped and did this whole process over and over again.  He had this fancy thing he did where he’d swing the scissors around his index finger from a “resting” to “cutting” position.  My hair has never received so much attention!  When he was done with the preliminary cut he beckoned over the assistant to wash my hair AGAIN and blow dry it.  By the time I was dry he was back to put the finishing touches on it.

My favorite part was at the end when he said, “We’re having a fashion show today and the show is you!” He was referring to the fact that all the staff kept parading by because they never see women getting short hair cuts.  So funny… what an experience to remember!  For those of you planning to visit – save a haircut for while you’re here!  You won’t regret it… there’s nothing comparable to the Filipino service industry.  Here’s a picture of my new cut:

pixie cut

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  1. Jay and Lyn Hedlund says:

    Happy 29th, Sarah!

    This is not a very good substitute for a birthday card/cake ice cream, but
    please know we’re thinking of you today1

    God bless,

    Jay and Lyn

  2. Brenda Hudalla says:

    Happy Birthday, Sarah!
    I enjoy reading your blog!

  3. Mindy says:

    I can’t wait to see the pics of your new haircut! -Mindy

  4. Mary Kate says:

    We vacationed in the Philippines this summer and my children got haircuts….it was a long dedicated process as well(i was too scared to let them touch me but I did get a marvelous facial…and for CHEAP!)! I also shared your excitement when you found Body Pump classes in the Phil! They had them where we were vacationing as well!! So sweet!

  5. minnesotagal says:

    Wow- You really jumped right in! How wonderful that your children got to experience this place. Did you do any scuba or snorkeling? We’re starting that next month!

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