Baby Novak Approves of Yoga + The First Kick

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June 21, 2011

Big day today.  After an extensive search, I finally selected my Prenatal Yoga Studio.  I ended up choosing Blooma in St. Paul, which is devoted exclusively to Pre and Post-natal Yoga, in addition to Mom & Baby Yoga classes.  The studio is located in an adorable house on Grand Avenue and just oozed baby.  I loved everything about it.

I arrived a bit early to get signed up for the 1 month trial package.  They had a fantastic unlimited class rate of $64 for the first month and $99 for each month after that.  I’ll only be able to do it for one month anyways, so it ends up being a steal of a deal for me!  There are 5 or 6 prenatal yoga classes a week at this studio, so there are plenty of ways for me to get in 3-4 classes a week.  They also have studios in Edina and Shakopee as well for those in the South and West metro.

There were 3 other women in the class and we began with introductions, which I liked.  I was pleased to see that my belly was not the smallest!  It made me feel like a real (translation: ‘veteran’) pregnant woman.  I’m not sure what that’s all about, but I’m eager for my belly to look legitimately pregnant…

I went into the class expecting to breeze through it, since I’m in reasonable shape and have done some yoga in the past (albeit 5 years ago).  A breeze it was not.  It totally and completely kicked my butt (and we were even encouraged to modify and take as many breaks as we needed).  By the end my legs were so shaky that I kept losing my balance and eventually stumbled into the 8 month pregnant woman, almost knocking her over.  At that point the instructor graciously came over behind me and propped me up until I got stabilized again.  SHEESH.  You’d think I could have a little more coordination!

My favorite part was the end, where we were lying in the dead man’s pose (flat on back, just focused on breathing).  I was so thrilled for the opportunity to lay down for 5 minutes!   :)  While I was enjoying my rest time, the instructor came around and did energy work on us, which was a really neat way to end the session.  So there I was breathing with my hands on my belly when all of a sudden I feel this whomping kick in my gut!  AAAAHHHHH!!!!  FINALLY, the first time I felt the baby kick!  And this was no flutter people, it was like a bubble popping in my belly.  As soon as it happened I blurted it out to the room and all the other mommy-to-be’s appropriately oohed and aahed.  It was bliss, I tell you.  Guess Baby Novak likes yoga!  Good thing we’re going back for more tomorrow.  Let’s hope that my coordination improves a bit overnight!

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  1. Sara Roy says:

    Feeling the baby is what gets us through the rough parts of the second half of the pregnancy. It of course helps us bond with the baby as well, and it’s amazing. Enjoy!!

  2. Chris says:

    Love it!

  3. Bethany says:

    Yay for prenatal yoga! A great time to spend with a great community of women :-)

    Double yay for first kicks!

  4. Sarah Novak says:

    I’m so flippin’ excited, I can’t even tell you!

  5. Sarah Novak says:

    Me too! I’ve been waiting FOREVER… :)

  6. Sarah Novak says:

    I know – a good day all around!

  7. Tanisha A. says:

    Awesome!! The Edina Blooma is 3 blocks from my house. It’s fun to watch the mommas waddle off to yoga classes :)

  8. Selina says:

    Whoohooooo! :-D That first kick – what a rush! Jaime kicked me every time I’d become still or quiet down. They do like the sound of our voices and our movements…so I’m not surprised that my little Niece/Nephew Novak enjoyed your yoga moves so much that s/he kicked you when you finally relaxed at the end. “More, Mommy, more!” :-D Love + big fat hugs!!!

  9. Sarah Novak says:

    Yeah, it’s grand. That’s the main studio, so I bet it’s even more impressive…

  10. Sarah Novak says:

    It was the greatest feeling ever Sel! I can’t wait til it happens more frequently. I’m totally digging yoga (even though I’m not too great at it)! I’m determined to get better though…

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