June 25, 2014

Good News

After a couple of frustrating weeks filled with ups and downs, I am pleased to report that we’re finally starting to gain some traction here in DC.

Of particular note:

  1. We signed a lease in Crystal City (in Virginia) and move in during mid-to-late July.
  2. Grandma Janet is coming out for 3 days of non-stop decorating (it is rumored that wall stenciling may be involved).
  3. All 9,000 pounds of our stuff is scheduled for delivery.  First comes the stuff from storage that we haven’t seen since we joined the foreign service 5+ years ago.  Then the following day we’ll get all the stuff we sent from Lima.  Don’t ask me where we’re going to fit 9,000 pounds of stuff in a 2 BR apartment.  Looks like more downsizing will be in order.
  4. Nick started his job on Monday and is spending a lot of time with his mistress, the blackberry.
  5. Nia miraculously got offered a slot to a well-known preschool called the Children’s International School which is attended by lots of other foreign service kids.  We weren’t planning to start until September but you don’t pass up an opportunity like this in DC.
  6. I will be jumping into full-time work from home, splitting my time between my life coaching business and my work with Lake Area Discovery Center as Director of Marketing.  I am way jazzed to immerse myself in this work that I’m so passionate about.

See!  Isn’t that a lot to celebrate?!  There’s nothing I love more than getting settled in.  More updates coming soon.

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  1. Chris says:


  2. It sounds like you have a whole lotta awesome going on right now! Your energy level and joy that come through in your post is inspiring!

  3. Sarah Novak says:

    It’s such a relief to have things coming together!

  4. Benda says:

    Good to hear!

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