Purse Heaven on Grand…

August 30, 2008

So, I’m pleased to report that this fabulous little purse shop just opened on Grand.  I happened to be making a trip through the neighborhood a month ago during the grand opening and stopped to chat with the owner.  I have this strange need to get to know the shop owners around here now that I’m a “local”.  The shop is called Lillian’s on Grand and is right next to Billy’s.  The concept is from New York and is a franchise.  Basically, the shop is open Thursday-Sunday of the first week of the month (this month is a bonus though because they’re opening up extra for the RNC).  They knock-off designer bags, but use the most current designs and fabric.  For example, they don’t pretend it’s a Coach, but the bag looks almost identical and the average prices are between $30 and $50 for all their styles.  I’m not even that big of a purse person and it makes me want several!  I can’t even imagine how a real purse-loving gal would respond.  From a business standpoint, I love the concept- you staff the store a fraction of the time and get all your clientele to cater to your shortened schedule.  Think State Fair, but monthly.  The consumer’s benefit is that every month when the store opens there’s all new inventory, making it a bit like a treasure hunt.  I was just scouting their website and realized they have shops all over the state!  But perhaps you’re like me and had no idea it existed…

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