Random Musings on Week 2 in Manila

Foreign Service Life
July 12, 2009

Greetings all – Hello from hot, sticky Manila.  I have lots of little updates to give, so I’m just going to fill this post with various subjects of my interest (and hopefully yours).  Where to start…

sarah bday

  • I had a fabulous 29th birthday.  I indulged in a massage, took a nap, had my favorite California Pizza Kitchen salad, went shopping, ate out at a Thai restaurant and devoured a buttercream cake that Nick got me.
  • I am now certain of the fact that I do not (nor will I ever) blend in.  Several people in my photography class came up to me on our second day and said they saw me walking around Makati.  Honestly, do you think it’s coincidental that MULTIPLE people saw me out and about in a city of 12 million???  I’m starting to wonder if I’m the only blond in the city.  I think I’ll start keeping a tally of how many blonds I see!
  • Michael Jackson has achieved God-like status here.  His music plays non-stop in the department stores, on the radio, on the phone hold music.  You get the picture… I mean, I’m a fan too, but let’s just give it a rest.  You can’t appreciate it if you’re never missing it!
  • Our air freight arrived (all 449 pounds).  Nothing was broken or missing.  So delightful!  I am enjoying rediscovering all our treasured possessions.
  • Today is hopefully my last day of cleaning.  Interviews for our household helper start tomorrow.  More details about that in a future post.  I’ve been doing quite a bit of research around contracts and what people do and don’t include.
  • INTERNET COMES TOMORROW.  Maybe.  We have a scheduled appointment between the window of 8 AM and 8 PM.  But there’s always the possibility that they won’t show or won’t have the right parts… we’ve heard stories of both from other foreign service friends.  Cross your fingers that we’ll be back on the grid soon with VOIP and constant internet access!
  • There was a small incident, a casualty some would say.  My beautiful desktop accidentally got fried yesterday.  The computer indicated that it was 110/220 compatible, but there was apparently this tiny little switch that had to be flipped to use 220.  There were sparks and a burning smell.  Not good.  Nick thinks he can fix it by replacing the power supply, since the computer wasn’t actually even on yet.  I will be VERY SAD if it’s gone.  I loved that computer…
  • There is so much rain.  It comes every day and usually in a massive downpour (think tropical monsoon), but then it’s over within an hour typically.  It just sucks when you’re caught in it.  They have these great covered walkways in our area that remind me of skyways (except open-air) and they come in very handy in the rain.  I’ve also noticed that establishments set piles of umbrellas outside when it starts raining.  It appears like you’re just allowed to take them and return them in good faith later.  I’m not 100% sure on that and need to keep observing.

THE END.  That’s all I’ve got for today.  Have a great week!  Lots of back-logged pictures now posted from our first 2 weeks: CLICK HERE.

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  1. Sue Ann says:

    “I mean, I’m a fan too, but let’s just give it a rest.”

    How do you feel about Christmas music, the Black Eyed Peas or local OPM hits?? Christmas music is played everywhere throughout the -ber months and well into January!! The BEP get plenty of airtime because of Apl.de.ap. And local OPM hits with synchronized dance moves seem to never go away.

    Filipinos LOVE music and the death of an icon with such danceable hits will certainly keep them entertained for awhile. Perhaps a good MJ music only synchronized dance competition will come of it.

    I’m glad you seem to be enjoying Manila!!

  2. minnesotagal says:

    Thanks for your perspective, I have definitely seen how intertwined music is with the Filipino people.

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