Recap of “Millers take Mexico 2009”

April 13, 2009

Hello – Welcome to this overview of “Millers Take Mexico 2009”.  We’re going to do only a brief bit of commentary and let the pictures speak for themselves.  Photo 1: Our favorite place to spend the day (The Pool).  This resort was perfect for the Millers because not only could we suntan at the pool, but participate in a variety of other activities: water volleyball, water aerobics, bingo, arts and crafts, cooking classes.  Everything was centered around the water.  We became very well-known at the resort as the Minnesota People because we liked to participate in every activity and convince those around us to join in as well….


Photo 2: My Getaway.  I fell in love with this daybed on our veranda.  I read over 1200 pages out here over the course of the week.  It was the only spot I could find that  a.) had a cool breeze, b.) overlooked the ocean and was c.) often free of other Millers.


Photo 3: The Beaches of Nayarit.  My parents are now the proud owners of 2 weeks of timeshare in Puerto Vallerta.  My parents frequently attend time-share presentations so that we can get half-off our activities for the week (helpful with 6 people).  This is probably the 5th or 6th one they’ve attended.  Who’d have thought they’d actually buy this time!  Guess we’ll be back…


Photo 4: The Group.  3 Miller Girls (minus Beth).  1 Mom.  1 Dad.  1 Aunt.  2 Friends.  All in a 2 bedroom villa!


Photo 5: Out on the Town at Pepes Restaurant.  First time we’ve had the entire family over 21.  Check out the size of those drinks ladies and gentleman!


Photo 6: 1 exhausted Dad.  Poor guy.  I think the 7 ladies wore him down.  Look at how even when he’s sleeping he’s ready to spring into action.


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