A Brief Repatriation for the Novak Family

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August 21, 2013

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It’s that fabulous time in our tour when the USG ‘requires’ that we leave our 3rd world home and spend time in a 1st world nation.  The official name is R&R (Rest and Relaxation), although we’ll see how much of that actually happens.  Here’s how it works: the government provides us with an economy ticket to our designated home state.  We can either take that and go to the States or use the amount that the ticket is to choose a different 1st world location.  Pretty nice, huh?  The only caveat – Nick has to use his vacation days to do it.  A reasonable trade-off, I guess.

During our tour in the Philippines we used our R&R to visit Australia and New Zealand.  This time around we’ll be heading up to visit Nick’s parents in Bend, OR and then swinging north to Canada for a week to have a parents-only romantic rendezvous in Montreal (thanks in advance, Robert and Joyce and NO, we can’t come home early, no matter how poorly behaved our daughter is…)

All in all we’ll have 25 days in the US & Canada.  Honestly, it comes at a perfect time because the weather has been atrocious here (did I mention that we NEVER see the sun??)  Our first week will be in Bend,OR  hanging with the in-laws.  The second week Nick and I are off to eat our way through Montreal and Quebec City.  Our 3rd week we split, Nick heading back to Bend, OR and me heading down to Sonoma, CA for my third Leadership retreat.

Good times ahead if we can only get through the flight there.  Cross your fingers people…

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  1. Peter Lee says:

    Remember to load up on Montreal baggles and other deli food. Who would’ve thunk that Montreal had such great Jewish cuisine. Also, the poutine is a must! :-)

  2. Sarah Novak says:

    Poutine looks gross. Are you sure it’s a must??

  3. Jeanette Schnier says:

    Enjoy every last bit of it- and SUMMER!!!!! and the SUN!!!!!!
    But we’ll be missing you here :(

  4. Sarah Novak says:

    We plan on it – especially the traveling without baby part! Just read about your new job – congrats dear!

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