Restaurant Review: Khyber Pass Cafe

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July 25, 2008

Nick and I ventured down to Grand and Snelling to try out the Afghani restaurant Khyber Pass.  I’d seen lots of reviews about it and we were in the mood for something different.  The service was wonderful- I believe we even had the owner come to our table to talk about the menu with us.  There specialties were curry, meatballs, and vegetable/bean dishes.  The thing that struck me was the unique use of vegetables- lentils, leeks, beans, eggplant- lots of veggies that are rare to see on menus.  I wasn’t overly hungry, so I went with a delicious bean soup with cilantro and yogurt on top with a side of eggplant in tomato sauce (served with pita).  Nick did one of the meatball platters, which came with a generous portion of rice, curried potatoes and a small salad.  I think what I liked most about it was the feeling of eating comfort food- it would have been ideal for a cold, winter night.  Perhaps we’ll have to venture back and test that theory!

My ratings this time:
Price/Value: 3 stars (moderate- entrees $12-17, not much below $10)
Food quality/taste: 4 stars (felt very home-cooked.  Great use of spices and vegetables).
Ambiance: 3 stars (So-so space.  Liked the entryway, but wasn’t impressed with the main table area)
Service: 4 stars
Location/Parking: 5 stars (free parking adjacent- surprising given that it’s on Grand)
Overall score: 3.5 – Enjoyed the quality of the food, but thought it was a bit pricey for the amount you got

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