Sam Gets “Down”

November 4, 2010

This is one of the first Sam Tsui songs that got steady play on my IPOD.  It’s called “Down” by Jay Sean.  I think you’re going to love it as much as I do… did I mention it’s acoustic too?

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  1. Chris says:

    Whoot, whoot!!

  2. Liz says:

    Is this guy paying you to do his marketing? =) You are OBSESSED, my friend! =)

  3. Katrina Buetow says:

    Wow-I must admit this is my 1st “Sam” clip that I have watched and I am hooked. He is SO GOOD!

  4. sarahlynn60 says:

    Liz- I’m going to have the pleasure of saying that I “discovered” him before he became famous (and I’ll have solid proof too!)

  5. sarahlynn60 says:

    Yay- do go back and watch the others!

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