Sam’s Summer Pop Medley

July 7, 2010

In celebration of being back in Manila, I thought we’d all enjoy a little Sam to start our day off right!  It’s been at least two weeks since I shared something of his with you, so I figured it was about time….

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  1. minnesotagal says:

    He has released 1 album so far. It’s called The Covers. You can get it on itunes. Just look him up under Sam Tsui. Otherwise Youtube has lots of his stuff and you can find out about new material he’s creating via his Facebook Fan Page too! I absolutely adore him! :)

  2. John says:

    sara, didn’t notice how crude my english was, i’ll blame it on my phone autospell, it should have been: Does Sam own a record album already? there you go, hope it clears out the error, can you just erase that post? hehe, spare me the embarassment.

  3. Chris Coleman says:

    So great!

  4. minnesotagal says:

    Glad you liked it. It makes me feel a bit out of touch with the US because I only knew 1 song though! :) Such is the down-side of being an Expat…

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