Stinker Alert

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March 20, 2017

I’m not sure if it’s just Nia getting older or her acting out because I’m gone more now, but we’ve seen a dramatic rise in what Nick and I like to refer to as “stinker-ish behavior”.

Some recent examples include:

1. Locking her nanny out of the house when she couldn’t have a 2nd popsicle and then exclaiming, “Ugh, how did YOU get in here” when Esther brilliantly went around to the kitchen door (which she forgot to lock).

2. Telling Esther to Shut Up.

3. Making up some fake incident in which Evelyn (age 4) hurt Nia so that that Evelyn would get sent home and she’d get to play with Michelle (her 10 year old crush) all alone.

4. Telling us an elaborate lie that her teacher had told her school was cancelled that day (all so that she could stay home and watch tablet all morning). I almost believed her too, she was that convincing!

When she’s not driving us crazy, she also does some really cute things like setting up this ‘lemonade’ stand. I put lemonade in quotations because although she was selling it as lemonade, it was actually 20 mini limes that she had picked from our lime tree and had Esther squeeze into a bowl. It was horribly tart and not satisfying in the least but boy was she proud of it… I think she drank the majority of it herself. :)


When I asked her what the price was, she confidently said “100”. I replied, “I don’t have $100 dollars but I can give you a 100 Kwacha”. She was overjoyed with that amount (which is roughly the equivalent of 13 cents) and promptly began strutting around showing off her 100 bill. She’s definitely not short on personality, that’s for sure!


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