Swimming with the Sharks this weekend – Am I officially crazy??

February 12, 2010

I am not sure how I got talked into this, but over V-day weekend, instead of going to a romantic dinner, I will be jumping into the ocean to swim with whale sharks.  Seriously, have I lost my mind??  We will be spending the entire weekend going out in little fishing boats chasing these things and then jumping into the water with our snorkels to swim alongside them for as long as we can!  We even bought a new fancy-pants underwater camera just for the chance to get some good shots… I willl be brave!

A few facts about these animals:

  • The Filipino name for the Whale Shark is Butanding
  • The average Whale Shark is 30 feet long, with the longest one being recorded at nearly 42 feet
  • The average Whale Shark weighs 15 tons and is roughly the size of a school bus

This illustration will help you visualize the scale.  WHOA, huh?

  • Average lifespan of 70 years
  • Greatest predator: Humans
  • Feeds on: Plankton

Curious to learn more?  Check out  WIKIPEDIA

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  1. Chris Coleman says:

    In answer to your header question? YES! But if they do in fact just eat plankton – you’ll probably be OK.!

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