Swimming with the Whale Sharks – Video Highlights from our Weekend in Donsol

February 15, 2010

Must give all the credit to my talented husband for this great video and the underwater shots.  My coordination is definitely not at the level where I can keep up with a shark and shoot video of it at the same time… thank goodness for Nick!  We hope this gives you a sense of what we experienced – isn’t technology fantastic!?

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  1. Katrina Buetow says:

    My initial reaction to viewing your video was “no fricken way…are you kidding me?” Then I calmed myself down and told myself that you were OK otherwise there wouldn’t be a video and pictures to view.

    You are Nick are sure living the life! No would of, could of, should of for you guys-living your lives to the fullest (I am jealous!)

  2. minnesotagal says:

    I love that you comment so much – totally heart warming. Makes me feel so close to you still. Yes, thankfully I did not die! YEAH. And it was cool to boot. Lots to be grateful for.

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