Introducing Tech Tuesday & the Garage Sale Update

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April 23, 2013

Hi readers – Miss me?  I know, I’ve been a horrible poster.  I just haven’t felt inspired to write lately.  I have a plan though!  I’ve come up with some themes that encourage me to write more and give me built-in ideas.  One that I’m introducing is called Tech Tuesday where I’ll showcase an app, product or website that can add value to your life.  I’m always coming across awesome stuff and I think this would be a great forum to share them.  Stay tuned for next Tuesday’s inaugural post!

In other news, we’re just about to the 1 year mark.  I FINALLY feel settled here, it took a good 9 months, which was a lot longer than I anticipated.  The language barrier added more distance and hesitation than I thought.  Both parenting a 1 year old and learning a foreign language have challenged my patience immensely this year.  I know I’ve had some major personal growth, but it’s hard to see when I’m still in the middle of it.  It just kind of feels like I haven’t done much this tour (at least in comparison to the Philippines, that is).  We’ve had less travel, had fewer unique experiences and I’m definitely still struggling to find friends (although it’s improving week by week).  Don’t misunderstand, I’m happy here, I’m just having a hard time articulating what my accomplishments on this tour are.

Perhaps most exciting though was that this past Saturday morning was the Embassy Garage Sale!!!  For those who don’t know, garage sales are one of my favorite things that exist in this world (alongside Caribou Mochas, Minnesota and St. Ben’s).  We participated in one last fall and raked in $500 with only 1 table of stuff.  

This one was just as nutty as the first time around with 10-15 people mobbing my table at the opening.  I started with close to 250 items and only 10 remained at the end.  The Peruvians are all about the US brands, especially in baby clothes (which I seem to have an excess of ).

God was it fun.  

I was in my element all morning.  Repeat customers came up from the last sale and told me how much they loved our stuff (and what great quality it was).  One woman was even wearing my old shirt – SO WEIRD TO SEE!  

Peruvians love to bargain (I mean, who doesn’t) but it makes it so much tougher to add things up, especially when they want you to count in Spanish.  To remedy this, I created a no discounts policy this time around and said that I’d be happy to offer a discount on the item in the last half hour of the sale *if it was still here*.  Needless to say, I sold lots and lots of merchandise at full (garage sale) price.  

And just in case you were wondering, we broke our record from the first one, making a whopping $550!  I’m pretty sure we’ve got at least one more in us before we go, so I’ll be sure and report back on the results…

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