The Coolest Business Cards EVER…

June 8, 2009


Hi all- These are another great find from my conference on Friday and they are just too COOL to keep to myself.  I only found it because someone handed me their business card and I stopped dead in my tracks because it was so beautiful.  Vibrant colors, unique photos on every one –  what’s not to like!  So… I’m sure you’re curious who makes these works of art!  I’ll share, but do try and keep it to yourself.  There’s this great website called that produces this fine product (strange name, I know).

NOTE TO: Photographers and entrepreneurs especially!  Think about how cool it would be to feature YOUR PICTURES OR PRODUCT on the cards!  For those that don’t fit in that category, you’re welcome to select from hundreds of images already available on the site (for no extra charge).

moo1That being said, it’s not so much the normal business cards that I got hooked on, but the MINI CARDS!  Here’s why I adore them: You can use them for your wedding favors (as shown above) or put quotes on them or use them as gift tags (shown below).  Or perhaps you make a product and they become your product tag.  They’re printed on thick, high-quality cardstock and the image clarity is breathtaking!  I just love the variety of images you can put on them and the ability to customize the back side too.  And did I mention that it’s only $20 for 100 different cards!  Good deal, if you ask me.  Take ’em or leave ’em, but I’m taking them even though I have no idea how I’m going to use them yet!


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