The Evolution of the Tupperware Party

March 5, 2009


Ladies- I think most of us can recall a time in our lives when we were invited to attend an in-home party.  It may have been tupperware, baskets, candles or stamps; the options are endless.  Nowadays, women across the country are meeting up for a different reason – to host a Green-Cleaning Party!

Women’s Voices for the Earth came up with the idea after identifying that over 200 commonly-used cleaners contain harmful chemicals.  They wanted to get people back to the basics: vinegar, olive oil and baking soda – the combination of which are just as effective!  There is a virtual kit online that lists everything you need to host your own party.  After that all you need is a few gal-pals, some glass jars and an evening set aside to mix up your new household helpers!  Sounds far better than a Tupperware party to me…

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