The Great Flood!

Around Manila
September 26, 2009
Photo by Randy Maturan

Photo by Randy Maturan

It’s a typhoon!  It’s a typhoon!  It all seems a bit surreal and crazy right now.  It’s more fascinating that anything, especially since I’m not out and about in it.  The typhoon isn’t even going to hit manila but we’re feeling the heavy effects of being in the radius. Sheets of rain have been coming down all day and now widespread flooding has brought the city to a halt.  All the malls are closed, the airport shut down and people are being advised to stay inside.

I’ve been monitoring facebook posts and have seen crazy things being reported.  One friend tried to go out in her car and it flooded, leaving her stranded.  Another friend sent her driver out with the car to get it fixed and he got stranded at the shop, leaving her to figure out how to get money there and the car and driver home.  People are trudging through knee-deep water…. suffice to say, it’s pretty wild here!  Rest assured, we are safe though.  The city has seen things like this before and will survive just fine.  It just feels quite new and different to me… like the tropical version of a blizzard!  I have that little kid excitement about me, where you know you’re safe and sound but wonder what’s going on out there.  Stay tuned!

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