The Great Hat Debacle…

Foreign Service Life
May 9, 2009

Seriously, who’d have thought choosing a hat or two would be such a challenging thing?  Now, you may ask, “Why get a hat anyway?”  I’d be thinking the exact same thing if I weren’t porcelain-skinned and heading to the equator.  I’ll probably have skin cancer within the first month!  And so I thought, “How hard can this be?  I’ll just pick up any old hat…”  Here’s the problem.  I’m NOT A HAT PERSON.  I’ve never worn them, nor do I think they look particularly good on my head.  But I was determined… and after trying on close to 100 over the last month I’m here to report that I’ve found my hats.  Please say you like them – I’m still a bit self-conscious about the whole hat thing…

The Runner Up.  I thought I liked this hat, I really did.  But the brim was just too wide and it felt a bit too floppy.  And it was $80 and that felt like a lot for a hat.  But I thought it was the one.  Until I found this one…


A Keeper.  Again, $80 but I rationalized that if I wear it every day for 2 years it’s 11 cents a day.  That’s not so bad, is it?  I returned the first one for another Helen Kaminski hat, but this one’s made of organza instead of cotton and had a thinner brim yet the same general style.


Another Keeper.  This is the beach hat.  The smaller hat is going to be for roaming around Manila, but I also wanted a beach hat.  And since I’d already spent $80 on the first one, I thought I better get the second one for $20 or under.  And I did just that.  $20.  Then I only had to tell Nick that I got 2 hats for $100.  Honestly, I hope I don’t need to buy a hat again for a very long time…

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