The Grocery Game: Why You Should Consider Playing

October 3, 2009

grocery Game

This is a bit of a deviation from my normal posts, but it seemed too good not to pass along, so here goes!  Just learned about this site called The Grocery Game.  Teri, the woman that began the site, started studying the sale cycles of Supermarkets 10 years ago and producing a weekly list based on the best time to buy.  Members of her site plug in their zipcode and select the lists for the stores they frequent.  The color-coded system tells you which items to stock up on and which to wait and get until the following week.  The list also layers in coupons and explains how to get the best value from them in combination with store-specific sales.

Grocery Game
Let’s just jump straight to the cost, shall we?  A 4 week trial membership is free. After that, the cost is $10 per list for 8 weeks.  Additional lists for that same 8 week period are an extra $5.  I searched my old St. Paul zipcode and found CVS, Cub, Whole Foods and Rainbow.  Fun fact: The article I read stated that the average family of 4 who participates saves $512 a month on groceries.  Seems like an easy way to me to find some extra money each month!  Since we can’t partake here, those of you that check it out, please report back and let us know if it’s as good as it sounds!

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