The Miracle that is Eyebrow Threading!

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July 31, 2009

In the spirit of radical self-care, I decided to treat myself to an eyebrow make-over last night.  During my many, many visits to the Greenbelt Mall, I had happened across a shop entirely devoted to the art of eyebrow shaping.  Please, allow me to share my find: it’s called Browhaus!  Based out of Singapore, it’s an Asian chain devoted to all things brows.  It’s even got a little attitude that comes with it for free.  Take, for instance, the doors to the appointment rooms:


No, I was not in a submarine!  And just as an amusing aside, when I tried to take my own picture of the place, they told me that cameras were not allowed because everything they do is proprietary!  Darn those secret-stealing eyebrow competitors!!  So alas, no pictures of my own.  The Browhaus Brow Architects (their name, not mine) have a full menu of products to offer:

  1. Brow construction – Shaping with tweezing or threading
  2. ColorTweak – brow coloring (dying)
  3. Lashgraphy – tinting your lashes a darker color
  4. Lash Curl Up – A permanent curl for your lashes
  5. Lash in Bloom – individual lashes are glued on to your existing ones
  6. Brow Resurrection – A new brow is created and applied, strand by strand

Whoa, huh?  They tried to convince me not only to shape my lashes, but to color my brow and dye my lashes.  Next time, friends.  We’ve got plenty more visits in our future!  So I ended up choosing a Brow Construction, but the method I chose was THREADING.  Now what is threading, you ask?  I didn’t even know!  Watch this 2 minute video to see the process in action:

I have to tell you, I will never go back to waxing!  It was beyond incredible to take one of the most excruciating processes known to women and eliminate the pain.  CRAZY!  It’s hard to explain what it felt like, almost like someone took an itty bitty scissors and got right up against my skin and clipped out a few strands at a time.

My architect went insanely fast though.  I couldn’t see what was happening because one woman spread apart my eyebrow (holding my lid closed) and little pieces of hair were flying all over, so I wasn’t supposed to open the other eye.  Apparently this practice was developed in Asia, which is why it’s so common here.  Only $10 for the treatment!  Hard to believe that a little sewing thread can extract things so precisely.  It’s one of those life experiences that you’re unfortunately going to need to go through to understand.  I just can’t put my joy into words.  So I’ll use pictures instead:


Before Brows


Brows After Threading

Now, mind you – I have curly hair in my brows, so they’re a bit unruly to begin with.  In fact, we had to draft an entire “Brow Plan” for my beauties.  I was instructed to come back exactly 4 weeks from today and to UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES remove any hair underneath the brow.  We are working on regrowing some patches that I had apparently overplucked!  OOPS!  Well, thank goodness I now have a Brow Architect!  What a fabulously foreign experience!  Here are a few other shots worth sharing… But before I leave you, a short public service announcement: Overplucking hurts the environment and YOU!  Don’t do it… leave it to the professionals!

browhaus sign

Brow Side Shot

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  1. Meg says:

    I first did threading while working in India. I haven’t gone back since either.

    Guess what!?! There is now a brow shop “brow art 23” in MOA and one in Eden Prairie mall too.

    You never have to be without now.


  2. minnesotagal says:

    Great info Megan – did you hear that Minnesotans? Now you can go try it out!!

  3. eve says:

    been following your blog for a few weeks. It’s a lot of fun. Thank you for sharing your experiences with everyone. You don’t talk much about your photography class. How is it going?
    My husband is in the application process currently. oral exam on 9/11!!! ( I figure it’s gotta be a good day for diplomacy, right?)
    Keep up the good blogging. We enjoy reading.

  4. minnesotagal says:

    Hi Eve- Thanks for the note. Just wrapped up photography class yesterday and blogged about the experience. Thanks for inquiring about it – what a fantastic time it was! Congrats to your husband… what a fantastic accomplishment! Keep us posted on your status and make sure to have him find the yahoo group for those taking the oral. Let me know if you can’t find it and I’ll get you the exact title! Thanks for reading, Sarah

  5. Bethany says:

    Thanks for sharing your experience with threading, your after brows look great!!! Glad you mentioned that your brows were curly, earlier this week researching human hair biology (patches of my eyebrows fell out for no appeasement reason) a curiosity came up as to if the eyebrow hair follicle was the same as follicles on the scalp with straight and curved follicles. I suppose I never noticed curly eyebrows till my new brow growth appears different then ever before.

    I look forward to reading future post.

  6. minnesotagal says:

    Thanks for reading Bethany – you’ll definitely have to give it a shot! I’ve been very happy with the results…

  7. Karen Linsmayer says:

    There is a woman at Salon Spa Montage (hope that’s right) in Edina, name Zari, who does threading. I have been going to her for years. Try her, she is great.

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