The Pedal Pub: Good Slow Fun!

August 5, 2008

So, I came across this crazy contraption called the Pedal Pub and decided I must share it with you.  This wild ride can be rented for $120-$140 an hour, depending on the time length you want to take it out.  Up to 16 people can participate and you get to drink as you pedal.  There are designated routes and you get to stop outside of pre-determined establishments to relax and drink more.  It’s a workout though, as you have to pedal to make the thing move!  I was thinking what fun this would be for Bachelor or Bachelorette parties.  A couple last details- you must be 18 to ride, they do provide helmets if you want one AND you bring all your own food and beverage on the ride.  So check it out!

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