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September 29, 2008

I know you all thought I was a wee bit crazy when I started doing the network spinal analysis stuff and I hate to say it, but I told you it would work.  I don’t really understand it either but here are some fabulous before and after scans that show what’s changing in my neurological system.  Scan 1 was done using a thermal roller that ran down my spine.  It measures the temperature variation between the left and right side.  Ideally, you want there to be no discrepancy.  If there are discrepancies, you want it to be fairly balanced between the two sides.  When there’s a discrepancy, a box shows up.  White is the best, then green, blue and red.  You want to avoid blues and reds- they’re trouble!  What you’ll see below is a measurement of my autonomic nervous system (the internal house-keeping of the body).  Each of the vertebrae represent a different corresponding part of my body that it controls.  Note in my first scan that all the boxes are on one side- NOT GOOD!  That means that my body isn’t communicating well.  I also have some greens and blues, showing that things are off.  Check out the rescan though- all white boxes with some on both sides.  GOOD WORK BODY!  A perfect scan would be no boxes, but all wite is quite fantastic.


Scan 2 measures the Motor Nervous System.  This scan measures surface muscle activity.  You want the activity of the muscle to be in a certain proportion to the total size of the muscle.  If it’s working harder than it should (representing a problem), then a colored box shows up on the scan.  You’ll see that I had lots of color up in my neck and lower back in the initial scan- both areas I’ve sustained injuries in the last year.  As you can see in the rescan, the neck area has completely healed and the lower back is beginning to improve as well, but will take a little longer.  I’m very proud of my progress!


Scan 3 deals with the motor nervous system again, but measures the difference in the work between the right and left side.  ideally, you want them perfectly symmetrical, with each side working the same amount.  Colors show up when one is out of balance.  White is the best still, followed by green, blue and red.  The letter, numer combination identifies the various vertebrae and you really need to look at this scan in conjunction with the one above.  For example, look at the change in T4.  It appears to have gotten worse in scan 2, but if you look at the symmetry scan you’ll see that it completely flipped sides and is much more in balance now, going from a blue (not good) to a white (good).  So, you have to look at them in conjunction because one scan of the motor nervous system doesn’t tell the whole picture.

It’s so amazing to see that my body is responding.  Tonnie has such a gift for this type of work.  Nick and my sister Emily go too, so we all are making progress.  I have only used 12 of my 75 sessions and look how much progress has already been made!  When I first started, Tonnie asked me what 3 things I would change about my health if she could wave a magic wand and fix it.  I said these 3:

1.)  Manageable anxiety
2.)  No more back pain!
3.)  The ability to trust that my body can heal itself.

I am delighted to say that everything I listed above is no longer a major concern in my life.  They’re not completely fixed yet, but we’re about 90% of the way there.  What amazing progress!  I hope more of you will consider trying this.  It’s truly miraculous what our body is capable of!

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