This is what $1,150 gets you at Costco

Foreign Service Life
June 17, 2009


Today was a big day – we knocked out all the Costco purchases in one run.  Pretty amazing!  It’s a huge relief to have that crossed off.  I used to feel like $1000 got you so much more – welcome to 2009, I guess!  While this pile in itself would be manageable, unfortunately we have a pile equal in size waiting for us to pick up at Nick’s parent’s house this weekend.  They were so kind to receive all of our consumable packages!  Sadly, Costco did let me down – no Ravioli or Diet Coke in stock.  I already warned Nick that we’d be making another trip tonight, as those are non-negotiable items on the pack-out list!  The movers arrive one week from tomorrow, so we’re running out of time.  Our little 1 BR apartment is about to get very, very crowded!

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  1. C says:

    So, Sarah…how long will those supplies actually last you? In other words, when will the CheezIts & Wheat Thins run out and you go into shock in Manila?!

  2. minnesotagal says:

    Only time will tell. I’m certain we are over-preparing, but I’d rather be “too” ready than have not done enough. Perhaps it’s similar to prepping for a first child in some ways?? Your recognize that it’s going to be a whole new lifestyle, but aren’t exactly sure what that lifestyle will require!

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