Through the lens of Tom’s Camera

September 14, 2008

I would be lying if I said that I wasn’t thoroughly enamoured with photo shoots. Flashback to my Senior photos- 6 outfits, 5 hours, 4 hairstyles, 1 friend assisting me with outfit changes and over 200 proofs to choose from.

Well, my latest picture escapade involved shooting photos for my new coaching website that will be coming in a few months. I asked Tom Stukel of Ella Studios if he would do the honors. Only 2 outfit changes this time, but we managed to fill 3 hours and take over 400 shots. Some of you may recognize my beautiful condo as the backdrop- so perfect for photos! He really let me play, suggesting a general pose, but then allowing me to improvise from there. He has amazing talent and I was blown away by how many great shots I came away with (over 200 turned out well). Tom does this on a free-lance basis, so if you have a project in mind, drop him an email at or check out some of his other work at Here are a few of my favorites that merit seeing, but aren’t quite appropriate for a business website! Just wait until you see the ones I actually picked for my website! STAY TUNED…

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