To Facebook or Not To Facebook…

March 10, 2009

That is the questions I’ve heard a lot recently from the 25+ crowd.  There seems to be a cool societal evolution happening right now which is making it acceptable for “older” people to embrace technology and participate in social networking.  I have to be honest, I fought this for a very long time, claiming Facebook was Not for Me and turning down weekly requests for me to join.  I was proud of myself – look how strong I was, avoiding the evil temptation to join Facebook.  Well, I am strong no more.

Two weeks ago I broke down and joined and I’ve been having a blast ever since.  I managed to find or be “Friended” by 160 acquaintances and close friends in a one week period.  I found one of my favorite teachers from highschool and I met up with one of my best friends from high school for a happy hour.  We had lost touch for about 7 years!  So I have a lot to thank Facebook for.  I’m planning to use it to promote my business, as well as stay connected to MN from the Philippines.  For those of you who are still holding out – examine why that is.  Is it still a valid reason or are the times a changing?  Maybe reconnecting with long-lost friends will bring you as much joy as it has in my life!  I leave you with a picture from my reunion, as well as a fun spoof of what Facebook would play out like if it happened in “Real Life”.

PS- There are ways to control what is seen about you (if that’s a concern).  You can create privacy settings that bucket people into different categories, which allows them different access to your Facebook page.  Great for seperating Facebook use for work and personal life usage.

Long Lost Friends Reunited by Facebook!

Long Lost Friends Reunited by Facebook!

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