Tom Hanks Endorses Sam Tsui

May 26, 2011

I know I haven’t written much about my favorite up-and-coming-singer Sam Tsui lately and that’s mainly because he’s been busy finishing up his Senior Year at Yale (which doesn’t leave much time for YouTube video-making).

Had to share this with you as proof of Sam Tsui’s impending rise to stardom…

Tom Hanks was the Commencement speaker for Yale this year and he mentioned Sam Tsui not once, not twice, but 3 times in his speech!  Talk about good publicity.  The video is a bit long but you can see him mentioned at these 3 spots:

Mention #1 @ minute 2:10 – “Hey, you could be the next Sam Tsui.”

Mention #2 @ minute 8:15 – “That Sam Tsui, he rocks!”

Mention #3 @ minute 22:00 – “Move forward, move ever forward, and tweet out a picture of the results – it may make you as famous as Sam Tsui.”

A much deserved moment in the spotlight for Sam and one I’m sure he’ll never forget!

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