Two Weddings All the Rage in Hollywood

Foreign Service Life
April 28, 2009


As many of you know, we’re T minus 5 days and counting until Wedding number 2 in Minnesota.  Sorry about the lack of blogging, there’s just so many darn programs left to fold…. I couldn’t resist this post though.  It turns out that one of the newest celebrity trends is to have a private civil ceremony followed by a larger church wedding later (Hmmm…. that sound familiar!).  Gisele and Salma Hayek both chose this route, stating that it takes some of the pressure off the bigger event.  I’d have to agree with that.  After the civil ceremony, I feel like I have a lot calmer mindset about this second wedding, as I already have had time to process the fact that it’s about the actual union rather than the event.  I think that can get lost at times when it’s all on one big day.

So here I sit, ready to renew my vows again (exactly 4 months later).  While I wasn’t too keen on this dual wedding thing at first, now I’m feeling fortunate that I’m one of the lucky women that gets to formally commit to my partner not one, but two times!  I think we may be on the leading edge of a new trend!  I can’t wait to look back and tell our kids that we did the 2 wedding thing WAY before it was trendy!

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