V-day Parties at Friendship Home!

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February 11, 2010

Just wrapped up part 2 of our two week Valentine’s Day celebration at Friendship Home.  My Mom and Dad helped me kick it off last week when they were in town.  Last week’s party was 1/2 Bingo and 1/2 pouch making.  Mom was instrumental in planning and preparing the activities.  Remind me to never be a teacher, it is way too much work!  But oh did the kids love it.  They were so into it that they forgot to make noise.

Bingo was brand new for 2/3 of them and they took an instant liking to it.  It was great watching the intensity on their faces as they scanned their cards.  The personal highlight for me was listening to my Dad call the numbers.  It was such a fun moment!

The other half of the party was devoted to creating their Valentine’s Day pouch that they’d receive their cards in the following week.  Here’s a sample of what they turned out like:

This week’s party was devoted to creating the Valentines to fill those pouches.  They decorated about 20 hearts each to put into each others’ pouches.  I had brought some small candies to attach to the back of their cards, which was a completely foreign practice to them.  There were smiles all around as their pouches began to overflow with Valentine’s from their friends.  Pretty hard not to feel loved with a bursting pouch!  Remind me again why I used to hate this holiday??  I think I’ll replace it with this new association.  Check out these great pics, they totally capture the excitement and energy.  There are lots more great ones on SMUGMUG in the “Janet and Steve Visit Manila” Gallery.

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  1. Katrina Buetow says:

    What a true blessing you and your family are to these children. Just think that one day they will pass on these new traditions that you have introduced to their own families/friends. What a great feeling to know that you have impact on lives of those around you.

  2. minnesotagal says:

    Volunteering rocks! Funny that it’s so instinctual now after 20 years of Catholic school and Target’s focus on it. It’s true that you get back way more than you give…

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