Virtual Business Cards: Do You Have One Yet?

August 7, 2009

business card

Have you noticed that business cards don’t seem to fit very well in this new technological age?  Granted, they’re obviously a valuable tool, there’s just no forward button that you can use with them!  And have you ever noticed that when you really need to hand one out you don’t seem to have any on you??

Thank goodness for who has thankfully solved this conundrum. allows you to have your own mini business card profile online without needing any design or programming skills to make it happen.  You simply go to the site, type in your personal information, add the links to your social media profiles and Voila!  You have an online card. produces an HTML code that you can then include with an email signature or on a blog page.  This is my new card:

I just updated my email to include my card at the end of all my emails.  In order to do this, just copy the code from and head to your email program.  Find the place where you can customize your signature.  It’s often under the options tab.  I use hotmail and there’s a drop down menu that lets me switch from text to HTML code.  I select HTML code, paste in my code from and then switch it back to Rich Text and press save!  It is now automatically included at the end of all my emails.

With blogs, you need to have a blog that allows you to download plug-ins.  I can’t do it on this blog because it’s a free wordpress-hosted blog and they don’t give you plug-in functionality.  If you do have plug-in capabilities, just search the available ones and look for an HTML box that you can insert in your sidebar.  Then just paste your code in, activate the widget and place it in the appropriate spot you’d like it on your sidebar.  It really is quite simple and oh-so-cool to be on the front end of adoption – we’ll see if this trend sticks!

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